Affiliating Agreements/Contracts
Affiliating Agreements/Contracts

****Resources for Helping Children Cope with Tragedy****

Instructional Resources for Addressing Current Events Based on Hate, Racism, and Bigotry


The Division of Student Services, its programs and school-based professionals provide prevention and intervention services to PK-Adult students in support of schools throughout the District.  Division program services center around the students’ skill development, and is delivered by an integrated team of student services professionals who are uniquely trained to address the academic, personal/social, college & career and health and wellness development needs of all students. This is a systemic approach that delivers services to students and their families. 

Key Division objectives include: 1) Preparing students to achieve with skills for readiness to start school; 2) Increasing the graduation rate and readiness for post-secondary education and employment; 3) Maximizing student academic potential and performance; 4) Maximizing student personal, emotional and social growth and development; 5) Enhancing the learning environment; 6) Promoting and enhancing a healthy and safe learning environment; 7) Providing support to teachers, administrators and staff; and 8) Providing support to adult learners.

The program structure supports educational reform initiatives and takes into consideration current social climate and the unique issues faced by the multicultural/multilinguistic populations enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. School support services provided via the Division are an integral and central part of the District’s total educational program. It is the mission of the Student Services area to provide the resources and the service support to insure that Miami-Dade County Public Schools attains its stated goals and fulfills its mission in terms of serving students.

Comprehensive Student Services PK-Adult Program, Board Policy 2411
Articulation, Transition and Orientation Guide, Board Policy 2411
Florida's School Counseling Framework
Every School Has a Student Services Team to Assist