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Student Educational Records
Ms. Martha Z. Harris, Administrative Director

Student Records and Confidential Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and section 1002.22, Florida Statutes, protect the privacy of, and guarantee parents, guardians and students access to information contained in student educational records. The parent is guaranteed the right to challenge the accuracy of these records.

These laws provide that without the prior consent of the parent, guardian or eligible student, a student's records may not be released except in accordance with the provisions listed in the above-cited laws. The laws provide certain exceptions to the prior consent requirement to the release of student records, which include, but are not limited to, school officials with a legitimate educational interest and lawfully issued subpoenas and court orders.  The laws also allow parents and students over the age of 18, who challenge the accuracy of these records, to request a hearing.  If the requested change is denied at the school level, an appeal may be made to the Region Superintendent.  If the request is denied at the region level, an appeal may be made to the Division of Student Services.  To ensure compliance with these laws, the school system has published detailed instructions for maintaining and releasing student records. These instructions may be found in the Student Educational Records Manual, which is incorporated by reference in School Board Policy 8330.

Each school must provide to the parents, guardians or eligible students annual notice in writing of their right to inspect and review student records. Once a student reaches 18 years of age or is attending an institution of post-secondary education, the permission or consent required of, and the rights accorded to, the parents shall thereafter be required of and accorded to the student only, unless the student qualifies as a dependent under the law.

Students should contact their school registrar if they wish to send transcripts to colleges or scholarship services.

School Board Policy 8330 - STUDENT RECORDS -

Briefing ID #: 15900 - Maintenance, Retention and Transfers of Cumulative Record Folders  (See attachments below):


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