There are approximately 700 school counselors throughout M-DCPS in Elementary, K-8 Centers, Middle, Senior High and Adult Education Centers. All school counselors hold certification in Guidance and Counseling from the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), 100% hold a Master’s degree or higher. The majority of all school counselors are 10 month employees.

School counselors perform the following specialized functions:

Implementation of a comprehensive standards-based student development program based on national and state standards and benchmarks in the student skill areas of academic, personal/social, career/community awareness and health and wellness.
Effective management and monitoring of a comprehensive school counseling and guidance program based on standards, benchmarks and learner outcomes for all students.
Individual, small group and classroom guidance activities e.g., problem solving, decision making, and goal setting.
Individual and small group counseling, e.g. crisis intervention, transitional issues, and personal and family issues.
Consultation with parents, teachers, administrators and community agencies.
Collaborative activities with faculty, administrators and other student services team members.
Design, implement and support academic and behavior programs.
Facilitate skill development that produces life long learners and successful contributors to society.
Develop and present a comprehensive guidance program that promotes high achievement and personal responsibility.
Create and support programs, activities, and services that promote school safety, good attendance, and responsible decision making.
Implement a comprehensive student services program that facilitates an increased graduation rate and successful transition to the post-secondary experience.
Engage parents and community stakeholders in the educational process.