Adult Vocational School Counselor

Provides activities that support a comprehensive program based on standards and benchmarks for student skill development in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social growth, career/ community awareness, and health and Wellness.
Provides individual, small group and classroom guidance activities.
Provides individual and small group counseling.
Consults with parents, teachers, administrators and community agencies.
Collaborates with faculty, administrators and other student services team members.

Roles and Responsibilities

Conducts individual and group sessions to provide vocational program information, guidance and placement.
Provides academic, career, financial aid and vocational program information and advisement to students.
Coordinates the continuous provision of services to students by community agencies and acts as a liaison for special services to adult students with disabilities.
Conducts sessions in the classroom to assist students in developing life long and transitional skills, e.g., problem solving, decision making, goal setting.
Conducts group and individual sessions on test interpretation, information and options. 
Provides individual counseling sessions to help students deal with transition, family, job-related and other personal concerns.
Conducts individual counseling sessions with students to provide information and assistance with course and program selection.
Advises students not passing the Grade 10 FCAT of postsecondary options in the adult /vocational education program.
Collaborates with feeder K-12 student services staff to provide students with a seamless transition from senior high to adult//vocational education.
Conducts individual orientation sessions and interviews with new students at the time of enrollment.


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