For Parents - School counseling personnel are available in each school to assist parents. Assistance may include, but is not limited to, help with student achievement, and adjustment. Parents should call the school to contact personnel and/or go to the school’s web site for information about your child’s school. When parents and school staff work together, students do better in school and in life.

For Students -Students are encouraged to see their school counselors. Counselors may assist students with school adjustment issues, course advisement, test interpretation, career planning, decision-making, educational achievement, personal issues and much more. The procedure for making an appointment seeing a counselor may vary from school to school; therefore, students should inquire at their school on how to meet with their school counselor.

Roles and Responsibilities

Guidance and Counseling
Refines information from concerned district offices and the Student Progression.
Plan for an annual update to the Curriculum Bulletin Frontmatter to be placed in each school site’s local curriculum bulletin.
Changes the computerized report card comments in conjunction with the annually modified Student Progression Plan.
Receives input from school registrars and counselors concerning specialized course code needs for foreign and local transfer students.
Responds to requests for new or changed dual enrollment courses from school based personnel.
Reviews daily CB-I transaction reports for errors additions or deletions.
Distributes sex/ethnic and grade level enrollment reports to district and region office administrators.
Assures that appropriate FTE weighting, course level, placement, grade level range, repeatability and graduation requirements are entered for each course in the CB-I database.