The Senior High School Counselor

Provides activities that support a comprehensive program based on standards and benchmarks for student skill development in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social growth, career/ community awareness, and health and Wellness.
Provides individual, small group and classroom guidance activities.
Provides individual and small group counseling.
Consults with parents, teachers, administrators and community agencies.
Collaborates with faculty, administrators and other student services team members.

Roles and Responsibilities

Provides activities and coordinates effective management to all students of a comprehensive school counseling and guidance program based on standards, benchmarks and learner outcomes.
Conducts counseling sessions in the classroom to assist students with developing life long skills, e.g., problem solving, decision making, goal setting.
Assists students through individual and group sessions in tracking their own academic and personal progress using personalized tools such as Report Cards, Student Academic Histories, Student Development Portfolios, and Graduation Checklists.
Consults and collaborates with parents/guardians and teachers, to promote and support academic achievement and to assist in developing appropriate strategies for improved student behavior.
Conducts sessions with students to provide information and assistance with course selection and accelerated academic options.
Conducts group and classroom sessions for students to provide information regarding promotion requirements, high school graduation requirements and options.
Conducts group and classroom sessions for students to provide information regarding postsecondary academic requirements and options.
Coordinates student services articulation, orientation and transition activities.
Assists students and parents/guardian in understanding test information and options.
Advises students of FCAT options and alternatives and provides information regarding postsecondary options for students not passing the FCAT.
Provides individual and group counseling sessions to help students deal with crisis intervention, transitional issues, and personal and family concerns.


Senior High School Counseling Program
Grades 9-12
Transition Program - Tools for Success