The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to support the job titles within the Division of Student Services by surveying, developing and offering professional development training. This committee is the liaison with the Center for Professional Learning (CPL) for school counselors, school social workers, and TRUST specialists.

Roles and Responsibilities

The committee functions include:
Survey and assessment data for planning the professional development calendar
Provide professional development for job titles, i.e., Student Services Mini-Conference, clinical education, ESOL/META requirements, New Student Services Personnel Orientation, etc).
Sponsor/partner with professional organizations, colleges/universities to share seminar/conference information and current research trends.
Student Services professionals who wish to have a training/workshop/conference offered for master plan points (MPP) must submit a brochure detailing date(s), times and credentials of trainers to the Division of Student Services at least 30 days prior to the events for consideration and review for sponsorship.


American Counseling Association
American School Counselor Association
Center for Professional Learning - Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Dade Counseling Association
Florida Counseling Association
Florida School Counselor Association
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Professional Development Calendar